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Body numbers TR4


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I’m considering getting myself a TR4 to go with the Vitesse.... ( the wife said if I cleared the garage out I could get another car...!!! )

I’ve found a likely candidate but the vin plate and body tub have different numbers on them, was this common with Triumph???

how long do heritage records  take to come through as I want to check the details before I buy.



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I don't know about TR4s but on Heralds, Vitesses, Spitfires, GT6s, etc. the commission plate and the body number are nearly always different, as is the chassis number (not often seen) and the engine number and the gearbox number and the diff number. Those numbers are as close as I'd expect, if the TR numbering works the same.

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Heritage can take a while certainly not in a week  or over night

Triumph recored chassis/vin/commission numbers of the final car  there does not seem to be any track records  giving the detail of what chassis matched with what body with what drive line

If  theres a body number on a  heritage cert you are lucky   I bet there are track records books somewhere but not openly  available

Maybe an archive search of records at gaydon  you need to book that and know roughly what you are looking for

Most manufactures of the day had track books to record basic data like body /engine number/ key numbers / battery dates etc

Since data collection  and computors  co joined  in the late 80s on  just about anything with   a serial number is logged scanned or whatever ..   as much for warranty protection





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The Heritage cert takes about three weeks.

It will contain the -

Car/chassis number (VIN) - CTxxxxxxx

Engine number                       CT xxxxxx E

Body number                        xxxxx CT

The numbers do not coincide






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I read through Bill Piggott's book 'Original Triumph TR' again recently and recall him mentioning this, so I checked it for your and on p104  he saying the body numbers are "roughly equivalent to the relevant commission number"  which in context I read to mean 'close but not the same'.  So your prospective purchase is most likely correct.


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