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Herald 1200 Rear Overrider Lower Captive Nut


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Hi All. 

Can anyone tell me, please, the rear overrider lower fixing captive nut specification?

I must have cross-threaded this last time round without knowing it. Bolt was a devil to remove. I don't posses a thread cutting set, so intend to coax (gently!) one side of the nut housing, remove the old and replace. I bought a new bolt as I had to destroy the old one. 

If anyone knows where to obtain same, I'd also be interested. 


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9/16unf from memory. But square.

Cross threading unlikely, but many/most are seized as they are very exposed to mud/water/crud and easily break out of the captive box which holds the square nut in place. A common repair is to weld a length of studding (or bolt with the head cut off) to the remains on the nut. Then use a nut inside the car where it is protected.

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With the back light out, you may be able to jam the nut and stop it turning in its cage with a long screw driver. Usually either the square edged nut is rounded off or the cage has broken away allowing the nut to turn. Plenty of releasing oil. If you mange to jam the nut and get the bolt turning, keep it moving as the heat generated helps if move.


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Thanks Both.

I did release the bolt eventually (Mole grips preventing the nut cage being prised apart) - but the bolt was good and stuck in the nut - even with copious releasing oil I struggled! Clive - good idea. Will have to take it to someone who welds (wish I'd learned all those years ago!!). Cheers. C.

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