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GT6 Bumpers

Alex Lowe

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Hi All

Looking for some opinions and advice my bumpers on the MK3 are pitted and rusty and being a student I am unable to afford the £1000 of re chroming. So I was considering Painting them black this is on a magenta car has anyone done this and is there any reason not to?

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Black can look good. Wait till I dig out an old photo from years back... TSSC International 93 / 94 or so there was a red GT6 Mk3 with satin black bumpers and it really suited them - the red one dead centre of this lineup.


Not the best photo, I have better plus video of this one somewhere about so will try to find a closer shot. It does look well; I don't know what type of black it was, it didn't look as shiny as gloss so may have been a satin black, but it made the car stand out.


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Colin, I reckon that is Colin Geers car. Possibly had the turbo 6 cylinder in it at the time? Later changed to cosworth power. Lovely car.... Last seen by me hooning down the A23 (randomly) about 10 years ago. 

Painting chrome requires a bit of prep. I had a dig about, and "best" advice is to get the chrome stripped off, which is expensive so not going to happen! But people have had decent results with sanding the chrome to provide something for the paint to grip to. I presume etch primer is a good idea too.

Pits will need attention before paint. Acrylic stopper may be a good thing? Or something like Dolphin Glaze? 

The big downside is any scuffs will show quite dramatically. But that may be a risk you are prepared to take.

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If you paint the bumpers black now, it won't prevent you having them re-chromed later as/when funds allow. Painting will also protect the base steel, making future re-chroming easier.

So go ahead, paint them black now. See if you like the look, there's nothing to lose but a bit of time and the cost of the paint.


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