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Vitesse Carpets


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Hello All,

As part of my interior refurb on the Vitesse I'm going to replace the carpets. The existing carpet set is well past its sell by date, and is black, whereas my car came originally with a Shadow Blue interior. I see that Rimmers are having a Triumph sale at the moment, and have both moulded and stitched sets in Blue at 270 and 186 quid respectively (incl of VAT). Looking at the Newton Commercial website they have Blue moulded sets at 309 quid (incl of VAT). The carpets make such a big difference to the quality look and feel of the car's interior that I don't wish to spoil it for the sake of a 100 quid, so does anyone have any recommendations regarding the comparative merits of moulded versus stitched carpet sets, and of the two suppliers mentioned? 

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Newtons are the only people who make the moulded sets. Sold by many places, at varying prices (newtons direct are more expensive usually)

I wouldn't fit anything else, waste of time/effort/money.

Just find the cheapest supplier of the moulded set. Check you order for a Vitesse Saloon, cv different, as is Herald.

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I used Coverdale, the only ones who did the colour I wanted/needed which was only available in wool. Don't know if their moulded are from Newtons , but if Clive says so probably. One thing to think about is, is your Vitesse a convertible? At some point the carpet is going to get wet, the smell of damp wool carpet is, unpleasant! If they had done my colour in fitted I would have gone for that.



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Must agree with Clive & Pete, the Newton Moulded sets fit perfectly and are excellent Quality.

They will be cheaper from one of the Traders, I got mine from Canley Classics, but James Paddocks are competitive too.

If Rimmers have a special offer on they may well be the Cheapest?

They look great when fitted, especially around the tricky Gearbox tunnel, here's a set I fitted in my old Vitesse during it's rebuild around 2006.



Interior 2 - 2006.JPG

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