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Re-fitting manifolds


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Does anyone have any tips for re-fitting the inlet and exhaust manifolds for a 2L mk1 Vitesse?

To say that the fit between the flanges of the 2 manifolds at the engine block surface is a tight fit would be an understatement!

I’m wary of adopting the “hit it with a big hammer” approach - especially on the cast iron exhaust manifold which has a hairline crack already.


Thanks in advance for any tips / suggestions.

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yes add some relief  there's no good reason for them to be under stress ,  its probably years of hot/cold has made the exhaust shrink with the continuous normalising 

being a tight fit will only induce air leaks as you fight to clamp them to the head , its worth running a die nut down the bolts so you know no crud is holding the tightening 

of the bolts 


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Looks like I spoke too soon! The exhaust manifold HAS shrunk! Everything else fits perfectly but the manifold now doesn’t fit over the 2 brass studs at either end.

Im guessing one solution might be to rebore the holes at either end of the exhaust manifold??

It came off absolutely no problem about 6 weeks ago, although the engine had been run to loosen the studs a bit. Maybe that heat was enough to cause enough expansion to remove it easily?

Another option, warm manifold with heat gun before re-installation?

Time for a beer! 

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1 hour ago, 68vitesse said:

Not sure if it is a good idea but I have retorqued the manifolds bolts and nuts after the first hot cool cycle.



Yes, re-torque/check after things cool down otherwise you can end up with leaks. Standard workshop process.


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