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GT6 dash eyball vents - hot or cold?


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OK, so Covid19 lockdown is making work for my idle hands, leaving me with a Spitfire dash to revaneer and a pair of dash eyeball vents from my parts 2000...

Do the dash eyball vents just blow cold air on the GT6?  From what I can make out from online pics. the basic GT6 heater box is the same as the Spitfire, with the inlet in the middle, inside the fan, which blows air to each side, over the heater matrix, then either to the dash demister vents or footwells based on the position of the big side flaps.  The difference seems to be that the GT6 also has a couple of outlets from the middle section of the heater box.  These are after the fan but before the heater matrix, so will always blow cold air to the dash and footwell eyeball vents.  Is that correct?

As I see it I have 2 options.  Copy the GT6 setup, adding a couple of extra outlets to the heater box, or just "Y" the demister outlet, giving me the option of hot air to my dash eyeball vents (and countering the cold right hand when driving in the winter).

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