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63 Herald Heater


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Could be a Delaney Gallay like mine has.

DG components seem to be few and far between, and consequently more expensive, so if it is a DG unit, might be worth considering replacing it with a complete Smiths unit as they are interchangeable, and a lot more common.


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10 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

1995 or thereabouts Nissan Micra blower will fit, and although it's still something on my 'to do' list I hear they blow much better too.

I’ve fitted the Micra heater blower to my Vitesse . The box needs a bit of fettling and my best guesstimate is that the Micra blower is at least 50% more powerful than the Original , I’ll dig out the post I did on the subject 


nb the Micra Blower cost about £10 from EBay 

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Nissan Micra or Golf MK2 can be made to fit (Micra slightly easier) in a SMITHS heater.

I have no idea whether the same strategy works with the DG heater, which is significantly different. Might also be possible to fix or get fixed the original motor.

DG heater unit is the better unit when working properly.


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