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Hi all...I presume the service kit is the same for the CD150 and the CDS150 and what does the S denote ?

The numbers; prefixes look like 935 and 835 stamped ' sideways ' . Main Numbers 3224F and 3224R . Are these in order ?

1970 MK11 Vitesse CV



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Burlen    https://burlen.co.uk/    give the model spec number  the S is with Starting Valve Choke on the front carb with a tube to feed the rear carb

the only changes from aa CD150 which had what i term the thames barrier choke in the carb throat is if you get a service kit there are small changes to float chamber gaskets as

shapes change over the years  so a kit may have  a good few its just check what you fit does cover all the corners and doesnt cut any corners or leaks appear.


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