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Restoring Moto Lita Wheel

Neil Clark

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Here we go, halfway through.  I sanded it with 180 grit to get the old varnish off.  It came off so easily I assume it was a previous restoration.  The wheel itself is structurally excellent thought the wood looks thirsty, so today I'll test a spare piece of wood with alternative of bees wax first then varnish or just varnish.  The YouTube videos on this use very different techniques as do the feedback I'm getting from the MG forums so I want to bet this right.





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I used some wax stuff on my vitesse dash, didn't do very well. 

And I very much doubt you can varnish over anything that has been waxed. 

A very thinned varnish could be used as a first coat as a sealer, leave to dry and run the raised grain with something like 320-400 grade paper. Reapply the thin stuff, then whatever you fancy.

But don't overthink it, it is a bit of wood, and people have been varnishing/lacquering wood for hundreds of years. 

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I use gun stock oil on my guitar necks. Takes a while to be completely dry, days. But guitar neck, wooden steering wheel? About the same degree of hand palm action? Re- application in many years,  lemon oil to clean.


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Hello Neil

                  This is what I used on a dashboard and steering wheel you can put on lots of coats fine sanding between coats and finish with the burnishing cream and you get a high gloss finish or semi gloss what ever you want and being 2 pack it is very hard wearing.

I think I used 2000 grade as last flatting paper



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I've gone the varnish route.  First coat Ronseal Outdoor Gloss Varnish thinned with 30% white spirit.  My nearest gun-owning retain with the oil is 100 miles away and I;ll never use it again.  We've got some varnish etc already.  I'll leave it 48 hours then a light sand, clean and put on a  second coat.




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