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Type 16 brake conversion woes....


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Does anyone have the dimensions of the mk2 Vitesse  Type 16 Caliper hose brackets as the stainless ones I bought cause the hose to foul on the spring at full lock?

Or Has anyone got a pair of the hose brackets that are spare that they want to sell ?


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Pretty sure Paul's are the same as mine.......


....... and so are my GT6 ones.

Interesting to note Paul has the braided hoses with non-crimped ends as I do.  I've been told they are not road legal, but no MoT man has commented in 25+ years.

The brackets at both ends often need a bit of tweaking to get the best run,  but those new ones need some serious remodelling!


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25 minutes ago, dave.vitesse said:

If the conversion is on a Herald or Spit remember the brake lines on the turrets are on the opposite sides to the 2 Litre Vitesse and GT6.


It’s on a 1600 Vitesse but yes I’ve already made new rigid lines to the front of the turrets 👍

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20 hours ago, rogerguzzi said:

Hello Nick 

                Are you saying your hoses are 25 years old? or just the type you use?

25 years even for more modern stuff seems a long time? plus you drive hard at times!

still what do I know?


The fittings are 25 years old but the hose itself is not.....


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