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Stirring porridge - Mk3 Spitfire gearbox

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I'm getting used to my new-to-me Mk 3 Spitfire.

The car has just been returned to the road after many years.  The last MoT expired in 1987. It has 54,000 miles on the clock and this is in line with it's service records. The gearbox is full with fresh oil.

Gear selection is quite a hit and miss affair.  Reverse takes a bit of finding, first requires a bit of force.  Second and third aren't too bad but sometimes third will embarrass me and finding fourth takes patience.

Is this normal? Is it indicative of a problem? Is there anything that I can do to improve it?

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience.

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This sounds like the gear lever selector mechanism, a common fault on most models. Quite a few threads on here about it recently, service kits are available. It’s a tunnel off job and the selector is easily removed to replace parts. Have a look at the other threads.


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To close this thread, I've had PM correspondence with Richard in addition to keeping an eye on his "GT6 second gear" thread. Full of very helpful information.

I bought a bush kit from Canley Classics and had no issues with quality of the components.

I've done the job today and it was quite straightforward. The main problem was the middle joint, the rear shaft to the selector shaft.  The plastic/rubber part of the bush was completely missing! There wasn't a lot of wear on the gearchange lever nylon sphere but I changed it, the two springs and cover plates anyway.

The difference is incredible.

Attached picture of the remains of the bush 😊


Gear remote centre bush.jpg

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