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Gates Barricade Ethanol proof fuel hose


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Just doing some browsing, whilst I contemplate replacing all the rubber bits in my Vit fuel line and it seems that decent genuine quality ethanol proof fuel hose is in very short supply ? I know the club sell it and I have'nt contacted them yet, as I wanted some idea of price variations.


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club shop members price is £10 for 1/2 mtr of 1/4" and 1/2 mtr of 5/16"  as a package 

   either size is £10 per mtr   if you need longer   so the two sizes for a £10 is good but..........

shop has 5/16"  in stock  but 1/4"  is on back order from the USA



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3 minutes ago, Paul H said:

I found Moss to be the cheapest when I needed some 

Yes, ditto on that Paul - £6.60 a metre, in fact I was looking at their website yesterday and I believe all their Barricade hose is OOS at the moment.



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