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Vitesse 6 Electronic Ignition

martyn wright

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Hi All my 1966 Vitesse 1600/6 is about to have Electronic Ignition fitted!  Do I need to update the standard Ignition coil to a "Sports Coil" and also "High Performance HT Leads?  or is the Standard set still okay? Is there anything else I should Know?  Cheers martyn

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You don't need to change any other bits. All the points do is switch and all the EI unit does is replace them. Whether it gives you any benefit depends on the type of EI and the condition of your distributor. I have Lumenition in my GT6 to work around a worn-out Delco disi, but the other two are on points because they aren't worn out.

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you must  reset the timing after fitting the unit  

and agree dont change anything else the coil and leads etc will be fine 

as Rob says these are not rocket science upgrades you are just replacing a mechanical switch  with an electronic one

apart from supposedly more accurate switching with electronics all you really save is having to service the points 

on the delco dizzy,  its important you squirt some oil under the base plate to lubricate the dizzy top spindle bush 

most delco have a felt pad oiler in their base which is normally ignored then the spindle wears out 


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 there are many different non-points triggered systems out there. Most I suspect output slightly less output than a perfect points triggered system with matching condensor.
If you have the long lasting copper leads you might have to change them.
If the electronic switching can work with a lower Ohm coil & the greater primary current it will take, why not? You might be able to use a higher efficiency horseshoe coil.

Crank triggering with wasted spark is best of course. With Cam trigger & COP even better. LOL.

Just saying,


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