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Spitfire 1500 rear trunnion kits dimensions

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Went to fit a trunnion kit on my rear suspension rebuild. I'd had the kit a few years but never checked it. When I fitted it the plastic bushes, they  were loose in the hub. I measured them and they are 0.020" under size.

So about 10 times the play of the old ones I removed. So today a turned a new set from a material called Acetal , this is made for bushings among other things. I have a nice push in fit in the hub  but the sleeves were a bit too tight once the bushes were fitted. I had some old sleeves which are a smaller diameter and these went in , but with some play. So the sleeves are a nominal 9/16 diameter but mine were either .004" over or under size. Exactly 9/16 will be good. Also all of them are too short. I calculated the tube length to be 1.990". this then will be the same length as the hub plus to bush heads each 1/16" plus 0.010" for the seal shims. 

So before I go ahead I want to be sure that when tightened up the vertical link should clamp the spacer tube not the bushes?

I found some interesting notes and drawings on another site which confirm my thoughts. Although they allowed some clearance , so their tube length was 1.995".

Hopefully I've attached their excellent drawing.


Spitfire Rear Trunnion Dimensional Analysis.pdf

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It`s (quite) a while since I did them on the 13/60, so bear with me. But I seem to recall having to "spread" the Wishbone very slightly to get the Sleeve into place?. I am assuming, (none of the manual`s/advises confirm), that the sleeve is "hardened up" and the bushes rotate on the sleeve, NOT (the sleeve) on the bolt? (which IMV would be pointless?).


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I've just tried the polybushes for the first time; certainly a lot simpler than juggling shields and rubber seals. Only time will tell how they perform (could be a lot of time, the body isn't on yet...)


Incidentally the old bushes weren't wasted; they went on either side of a wheelbarrow axle and stopped the most annoying squeaking... :)

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