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What size thread is the drum retaining screw?


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Only recently noticed that one of my drums has only one retaining screw. Does anyone know the screw size? Are they commonly available at motor factors, Halfords etc without having to incur postage far greater than the value of the goods?

I tried the thread on the missing screw and it became tight so probably best to run a tap through it first, hence I need to know thread size.

Many thanks.

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V5435  is 1/4unf 

it only holds the drum on when the wheels are off   it has no relevance to the braking 

and really diesnt matter if its missing . its main objective is to stop the drum falling of 

on production or any wheel off situation 

do make sure the head is countersunk and will not contact the wheel nave at all .

when the wheel is refitted and tighend or you will distort the drum 


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