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  1. Nigel, is this what you are referring to on the inlet manifolds? I took my cue from Tony Lindsay Dean (article in club mag years ago, I think). This is port no.5 showing the 'wall' before and after. I opened out the ports as well to match 1.75 SUs, you can see the scribe mark. Not the same manifold as I had two.
  2. Am I correct in thinking the distributor runs anti-clockwise. In which case, remove all plugs, keep leads on and turn engine over by hand with ignition on and check sequence of sparking. If in doubt which way the engine/distributor spins, just push car a litle while in gear and observe crank.
  3. I fitted electronic ignition and the tacho wouldn't work, happens on early models apparently.
  4. On the Classic Le Mans website:- https://www.lemansclassic.com/language/en/home/ "Peter Auto’s team is paying a close attention to the COVID-19 situation. The Dix Mille tours have been postponed to the 25th and 26th of July and the Tour Auto Optic 2000 to the first week of September. Please note that our priority is to maintain the other events scheduled on 2020. We are confident, but we must be attentive to the evolution of the situation." Fingers crossed.
  5. I have just had a look at the entry list: only three Triumphs; TR2s in Grid 2.
  6. Anyone up in Manchester that could loan Richard a spare distributor? I always have a spare in my boot, all fitted up ready to hook up, other end of the country though!
  7. I fitted rear wheel bearings last summer, and following a story in Practical Classics (writer on here I think) about the difficulties in finding Timken bearings I thought I'd find some of those. My local bearing supplier said he had them in another make, in stock, or a couple of days if I really wanted Timken. So when I collected the Timken bearings he asked why I wanted those as the other and cheaper make were just as good. I told him I wanted the best and he said that 'Those days are long gone, Timken bearings are made all over the world". So when I opened the identical boxes (4 of them) I found they were made in the following countries: Canada, Poland and Germany. I'm sure they're fine though.
  8. Ahhh!! I fitted spax adjustables years ago but they sit quite low at the back (too short??). I wonder if I should move them off the body mount to the chassis mount now I have CV shafts???
  9. Don Cook


    Err, a bit late for chicken jokes and sorry if its on a previous page: Chicken transporter breaks down on the M1, copper says "What's up mate" driver replies "My big-hen's gone!"
  10. Anyway...I'm coming along this year. Haven't been for quite a while but looking forward to it this time. After one Le Mans Classic (not sure which one) my son and I drove off south...and ended up in Portugal (unplanned). Well worth, as others have said, taking a few days off and having a blast around. Here's a pic, taken by Kevin Rochfort, of a member of the 'Aces' trying to overtake me and some old Green Talbot on the Esses by the Dunlop Bridge...we all got round.
  11. Last year I posted a picture of my 'clamping' collector box and also related how I got Bell silencers to make a straight through centre section of the exhaust (between the chassis rails). Well, I said it was a bit noisy and with September's 10CR in mind I've decided to replace this with a silencer. I'm after comfort and quiet, impossible I know but I'll get it as quiet as I can. I'm also reverting to standard suspension for the same reasons. I wanted to go with a 3:27 diff to compliment the 5 speed Type 9 but the one I bought was really shitty inside (no teeth missing) so going to stick with the 3:63. Some tasty bracketry there Adrian!
  12. Sunday. Occupant had minor injuries. Not known on the 'other' site.
  13. Getting back to Continental travel kit...I have used this for years, as you can tell from the phone!
  14. I have a Phoenix 6-3-1 and it has/had a push fit collector. I cut a slot and welded nuts so it can be clamped up tight. No problems since. I too had the centre silencer banging on the chassis rails and as its a TSSC stainless system I got Bell silencers to make me a straight-through pipe. Bit noisy though.
  15. Not yet but I might have to if I want quieter cruising. Finding the 3:63 and type9 box is a little too low geared. Wish I hadn't sold my old diff now.
  16. Anyone got a non-overdrive 3:27 diff they want to pass on? 07503173212 or doncook@hotmail.co.uk
  17. I used Wins the other day, I needed a Smiths Emission valve clip, "Must have it" the guy said and it arrived the next day.
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