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Spitfire MK1 East Dorset

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Afternoon all.

I'm the new and extremely proud owner of HPF 107C. Dubbed "Audrey" by the household, she's my first classic and a testament to the prior owners' diligence and ability. I hope to do right by them, and will doubtless be leaning on a lot of you for knowledge and assistance.


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13 minutes ago, Neil Clark said:

...today is the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Spitfire at the London Motor Show.

Blimey. That was a hell of a year for little british sports cars then. The Spitfire, the first Cooper "S", the Lotus Elan, Jensen C-V8, the mighty DB4 vantage (with the facelift that Cubby Broccoli would make famous world over) and (ahem) the MGB.

Lots of faces, but if there was a tail I had to tuck into the garage each night, it'd be the Spitfire MK1 every day.

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4 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Oh Mon Joo that's beautiful! Lovely colour and looking very very original.

Thanks. She is an absolute stunner. Every time I open up the garage I find myself just stopped and staring at her. As I learn more about her, I realise just how close to original she is. Will get some more photos when the sun comes back. 

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4 hours ago, Josef said:

Welcome aboard! Love the colour. PF was a Guildford registration so it started life not too far from where you are now. 

Thanks. Good to be here. BRM Green, which is going to be a pain to fix for the inevitable stone chips but oh so pretty. Nice to think after being around the country with her prior owners she’s coming home. 

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9 hours ago, Stratton Jimmer said:

Beautiful little Spit. Welcome to the font of all knowledge!


Thanks @Stratton Jimmer. I'm definitely looking forward to learning all about these beautiful cars.


9 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Make my day / month / year and get a photo with Corfe Castle in the background.

That's a worthy ambition. I may see if I can convince my other half to ride out with me and take some snaps.

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