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Probably could of posted here before now as I have already had loads of help on here to solve a couple of newbie headaches! Never owned triumph before or anything this old.

Based in East anglia with a mk3 gt6 which I'm in love with. Looking forward to getting out on a meet soon. Will be out on all dry days this winter.

Joined the club! 

Cheers 🍻


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Fantastic loads to do! Is there anywhere as a go to for things like Goodwood and Le mans trips etc, anyone been to one? 

keen to jump on a ferry if there's any euro runs being planned next year. Guessing they all arranged on here somewhere too

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Some events are organised centrally, some by individual areas. Most (but not all) get notified either here or on the book of farce., or in the Courier if organised in good time. There's talk of Cambridge area doing a re-run of the NC850 (North and West Scotland - I missed the last one as I was on holiday... in Scotland... in a Triumph) but we're not always that organised in terms of knowing what we're doing when until a few weeks before. I don't know about European runs, though I'm sure the Nachtritt will run again

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Will keep ears to the ground then. Scotland one sounds good.

15 hours ago, Stratton Jimmer said:

That's a very shiny GT6. It makes mine look dowdy!

Must admit that pic when I bought it hasn't been quite as shiny since as using it too much 😁

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