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Does worn rocker shaft/rockers, cause noise


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Not a problem as such, just interested, as I have read that it does and folk have cured noise on triumph engines by replacing, though have not found this personally.

My engine has always been quiet, though I replaced the shaft as very worn, with the oil scrolls nonexistant at the rear underneath and not supplying oil.

Wear in this area of shaft/rickers ,due to the spring tension I assume?. Also replaced some of the rockers with wear on bearing surface with better ones.

After this the rockers could be seen to be supplied with oil.

No difference at all in any engine noise that I could tell, which is what I assumed anyway, as any wear would be taken up and silenced by the spring pressure?



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it can make a clattery sort of sound, and it is an issue that accelerates as it gets worse due to lack of lubrication. 

I have just recently noticed that new shafts and rockers are being sold that are bushed and toleranced, which seems a good idea. I just wonder if the quality is good?  Good condition used rockers on a new shaft would be my preferred choice though.

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The one I rebuilt for my 1600 Vitesse was made up of the best of a bad bunch of parts as the one fitted to the engine was a bad mix of Mk2 and Mk1 rocker parts.
Yes the shaft is worn in places and the rockers are as well but with the correct gaps this is the quietest 6 cylinder Triumph engine I have ever heard.
It had me very worried and I have striped the rockers shaft down a couple of times and rebuilt the same way it came apart.
Rechecked the tolerances multiple times and it is always correct.
Probably jinxed it now and it will clatter like a clattery thing on clatter day next time I start it  🤪

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