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Delaney Heater Valve cable connections

Peter Truman

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Can anyone advise how the Bowden cable inner attaches to the Delaney Valve Lever.

I’ve fitted a made up dash to valve Bowden cable which has a plain end on the inner cable at the valve end there appears to be limited clearance to fit a mechanical clip on to the lever.

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Tried all my box of small dia bolts up to 3/16in and 4mm nothing seemed to fit the thread as the ID measured from the top side of nipple in the lever appeared to be around 3mm, so in frustration I held the nipple with some pliers and tapped it out (with drill) to 1/8in BSW (3.2mm), not the best engineering solution but needs must!

Now to find a suitable 1/8in BSW Allen headed short bolt, as it has to be tightened from the underside and there's not a lot of room, an Allen head is the best solution. 

in pic the nipple and BSW screw are under the jubilee clip nut

Delaney 2.jpg

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Was unsure after seeing your photo that's why I posted it. the nipple looks exactly the same with same groove machining but screw tightens up from underneath, & there's no spring. 

Must be a local product or even a CKD local supply as the car is a local assembly, it works well cable smoothly push's and pulls unlike the Smiths alternative.

Anyway job done the daughters happy as I'd been putting the job off over 20 years with the excuse that "dear we live in Australia & you don't need a heater", if you want it on open the bonnet and pull my DIY lever! Her response as an Aero space engineer "if it's fitted then it has to work" now to solve the engine oil leaks before it travels to the daughter's new residence, where my visits and quick fix's will be less frequent.

I compression tested the engine yesterday over 150psi on all cylinders, so it's an engine out with head on and drop the pan

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Same principle! I'm looking at alternatives for the DG that are easy fit and easily connected without major surgery; so far I've found a few moderns that look promising. Yes, I could fit similar with a bit of chopping and changing but somewhere out there is an almost exact match! This one is close, but simpler:





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the push/pull bellows type makes for a lot easier operation than the rotating style, less friction.

Wasn't the mini one like the one you show?

Very heath Robinson the Meccano fabricated lever!

The PO did a good neat job in modifying the std Spitfire bracket by widening it's fitting slot to accept the Falcon valve's built in mounting slides, and it has the correct top hose entry and side outlet. I must visit Rare Spares here in Melb, who specialize in Holden & Falcon parts to see if they have them & cost?

Now what better valve will fit the Mk2 Vitesse which is direct bolted on to heater case and then to the heater inlet pipe is there. I have a new Smiths one fitted but it is hard to operate even with cable and mechanism well lubricated

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