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Horn Push - Vitesse

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Just now, Steve P said:

They are supposed to move freely as one end is spring loaded, however I have the same wheel on my Vitesse and the hole was too small and needed fettling.

No need to take the wheel off.


Hi Steve , so it’s a case of levering out the horn push in situ ? 

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Be careful as some aftermarket pencils have a lip on the plastic body to stop it passing straight through the boss so you can't remove without taking the boss off. My boss is non standard to fit my again non standard wood rim steering wheel and I have to take the wheel assy off to take the pencil out. 


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17 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

dont forget one end of the pencill is a brass brush to take its wear on the column ring  fit it upside down and the soldered end will run on the 

ring and wear out quickly 


It's a spring end, moves up and down so as to compensate for the movement of the wheel. The other end is solid and can even be soldered to the horn push if it's an aftermarket version. 

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