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"The administrator requires all members to sign in"


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This is the second time this week that I have been greeted by this message.

And have had to labouriously ask for, record and log in a new fifteen character password.

Security is all very well, and if the Club board is under attack, very necessary - we know from our history what can happen to laxly guarded board.


IS the Board under attack?    If not, why am I being challenged every time I come in, even when I have ticked the 'remember me' box?



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Hasn't happened to me, other than when I clear all the cookies from my computer and have to re-sign in. (NEVER use Triavago, Trip Advisor or any air line site without clearing cookies afterwards - the amount of junk mail is unbelievable.)

Do you have some sort of anti-virus or other cleaning program running that deletes or doesn't accept cookies? If so you might want to mark the TSSC ones for saving rather than deleting.

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Never had the issue on this site.

Depends what browser you are using but sounds like your browser settings, probably around cookies\privacy settings, possibly an ad-off you have used, if not might be a corrupt browser cache, try clearing everything and logging back in clean, if you don't want to if your using Internet Explorer try something like Fire-fox https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/products/

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It must be a setting on your computer.

If you tick the "remember me" box when you log in, it should do just that - so long as you don't click the "sign out" link to leave the forum.

The most likely cause is a setting that deletes your cookies - maybe even an add on program that controls cookies.


The forum is set to require a login to view to reduce the number of spammers that try and sign up - and up until now it appears to have worked.

When the forum first came back, it was open to view without a login, and it came under sustained attack from spammers who were creating accounts and posting spam.

It would appear that the requirement to login to view the forum causes the scripts that the spammers use to fail to create an account, so is being successful.


If you look at the "who's on the forum" page, you will notice that there is a steady stream of guests who get no further than the front page.

As the admin, I can see the IP address that these guests are trying to access the forum from, and 99% of the time, the IP address traces back to one that has been used to launch a spam attack on other forums.


So yes, the forum is under sustained attack, and at the moment out countermeasures are working - would you prefer a forum full of spam postings ?

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Great to know that you've found the cause of the problem.

It might be worth checking the passwords for the other message boards you use, they may have the same problem  - even though the boards are not set to require a login to view, you may find that you are now viewing them as a guest.

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