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Spring compressors Bristol


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Do NOT buy the claw type! They are lethal, dodging one of those when they fly off, (and the will!) is a tad dangerous!

I rented one of "the best" from Mickey at Thames Area for £5, but Windsor is a long way from Bristol. A lot of local Areas have communal tools. The nearest TSSC area to Bristol is Avon, which is in.....Bristol! Organiser is David Dyer

The Triumph Sports Six Club - Areas (tssc.org.uk)

Or his telephone number is in the Courier.


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if you fancy a risky operation it has been done by using the cars weight on a jack to unload the spring but you need to be super careful

or you get a big boing and a headache 

remove the shocker shaft nut and drop the suspension until  all spring load is free then remove the shocker/spring assy from the wishbones 

this is not a recommended but if stuck in the desert with no assistance you have to take the world by its £$$%^&*

claw type wont work as there is insufficient gap as the spring  tends to go coil bound 

there was a  method of making a rig with a pair of old disc brakes + studding    looks ok but but general feeling is they are brittle casting and could easily fracture 

time for bed said Zebedee !!!


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In my youth, I improvised by using two Steel Wheels (Triumph 2000 I think), two lengths of M10 Rod with suitable nuts/washers.

But I was young and foolish back then😬

Borrow or purchase the proper Spring compressor meant for our cars, better safe than sorry.


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Cheers jimmer,

Very kind, with the price of fuel these days I'll be half way to buying one with a return trip. I guess I'll night the bullet. Might pop my brain out and go for the disk brake option.😂😂

Thanks for the offer though, much appreciated.



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