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Imperial Spade Connectors


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1 hour ago, Paulfc said:

Is it possible to still buy imperial sized male/female/piggyback etc. connectors? Don’t want to start chopping and re-ending things unless I have to.



From what Colin says I wonder if they just made the metric ones the same size as imperial?

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Yes, they're all the same. Sometimes you see 1/4" audio plugs called 6.3mm as well. As Pete Lewis says, they're just metricated Imperial measurements. I get bags mostly from Auto Electric Supplies as they have good quality parts, a navigable website and a good paper catalogue. I use uninsulated Lucar connectors with a proper ratchet crimper when I'm not using bullets (Imperial, not Japanese which really are metric), covered with insulated boots. Stuffing weather-prone insulating sleeves with grease helps mitigate corrosion. I used to use silicone grease until I read enough about its problems to start using lanolin grease instead. Nicer on the hands, and doesn't affect the paint touch up...

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