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Vitesse Speedo Seizure.

Phil C

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Hi All

My speedo stopped working yesterday (675miles since back on the road after a 35 year layup) breaking the cable.

Having removed it I have manage to free the drove with penetrating oil and gentle persuasion.

Before I replace the cable, a pig of a job requiring transmission tunnel removal etc, is my fix likely to last or does the speedo need a strip down/specialist help?

Any experience on the matter?

Many thanks.

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51 minutes ago, johny said:

we did on my non OD Vitesse

Mine has o/d which makes access tight 🥴. I might gain access by just lifting the back - it’s plastic so has some flex by the air diverter.

19 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

mostly due to speedo head seizure 

Yes, it appeared to be the case. Just worried it will happen again without a full strip down/ refurb.

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if you remove the instrument the rim will rotate to remove the glass ( can be stuck with degraded rubber seals ) but you can prise the rim lugs to release it  take the glass out, undo the two srews in the back and you have the work in your hands 

some carefully applied lubricant on the main drive will maintain its life , i wont recomend you strip 

one down if its beyond simple recovery best to send it to speedy cables or JDO  etc.

never remove the needle or the hair spring unwinds and you wont know where to reposition it .

dont get grease on the alloy drive disc or its magnet 

you can oi anywhere else ok


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When I replaced the bezels on the Speedo in my Vitesse used closed cell neoprene cord to replace the degraded rubber seal. As Pete said it can be well stuck, cleaning the inside of the glass when off is very worthwhile.

A large jubilee clip around the dial to support the bezel when leveraging the lugs should stop local distortion of the bezel.



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As Pete says I think the drive head was seized. A bit of WD40 and it freed up.

I gave it some continuous use using my electric drill, lightly oiling occasionally. (my drill can do 65mph....who knew!)

I'll replace it with a new cable and see what happens 🤞

Thanks all.

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