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Steering column bush change - bit left over!


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I posted about replacing steering column bush, but couldn’t shift the steering wheel nut. Anyway managed this bush change by removing the inner and outer column together from car today🙂, so I’m pleased with handy work.

I have a bit left over! And wondered if anyone knew where it lived on the 1360 column. Exploded diagrams in Haynes an WSM, don’t help.

thanks  Carl


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Without questioning Uncle Pete, is it a felt packer as you have not mentioned what it is made off, if So then fits in the clamp to the dashboard. If Uncle Pete is correct I will write a hundred lines - "Never doubt Uncle Pete, he is always correct!!!" 😂😁😀


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Oh graham ... Ha     awarded   Im a  silly  sausage    100 times  and    see me after school 

that springy bit has been left out before 

it holds the outer tube but still allows it to collapse along with the inner slip joint 

suppose its quite clever 


(up early and trying to master a new laptop as a windows update screwed my Dell the whole 

windows operating system is blocked and unable to reboot anything   Grrrr 

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