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Bond, but modified?


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This car has appeared on the PistonHeads page, What car is this? - Page 1 - Classic Cars and Yesterday's Heroes - PistonHeads UK   Other pics on that page


Correctly IDed, I think, as a Bond, but it's either an unusual; model, or has been modified.

The front wheel arches have been extended more than  a "cheeky little bit", so different front end/whole chassis?

And the back end/boot looks more like an Ashley hardtop for a Spitfire/

Altogether, quite a bitsa!  But nicely done.  Could it be a factory design mule?

Any Bond experts about?


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5 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Comparing with this one, a 'standard' Bond GT, the bonnet has been flared out and a scoop added. I'm trying to see if the rear C-post is different, as the rear of the roof does look broader with a different profile of rear side window.

The one in your picture is the earlier Equipe GT, the one in John's photo seems to be a modified Equipe GT4S. Actually there aren't so many similarities between the two, both the bonnet and rear shell are entirely different. IMO original Equipe GT is much nicer than the GT4S, the GT4S bonnet doesn't look good to me.

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4 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

So that explains the differing shape of the rear bodyshell as well? Excellent. That solves that!

Looks like MG montego wheels on John's version?

Ahh yeah. The Escorts had something rather similar but I think you’re right.

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