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GT6 door cards


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Hi folks, I am in the process of restoring a Mk 3 GT6. Currently, I am refitting the doors. I fitted the bare door to check the gaps etc. All was well. I then fitted the door seal to check the door still closed ok. Again all was well. When I fit the door card, the door will not shut without forcing it. See marked carpet photo. The card appears to be too big for the aperture. I have made a template that fits the door and has sufficient clearance inside the door seal to allow the door to fit against the seal? This card is quite a bit smaller that the original, see Doorcard photo.


Has anyone else had this problem and how do you get round it.


Thanks in anticipation,



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I replaced the door cards on my GT6 last year with the heritage ones from Park Lane Classics. The GT6 door card is sandwiched between the door and the seal, so as Pete says, if you have an oversized seal then you will struggle. That said, I've never seen a GT6 door card with a thick carpet finish as shown in your photo and suspect that may be your problem. They were originally vinyl top half and a very short pile material bottom half stuck to thin hardboard. My passenger door card took a few months of being closed before the pile material compressed sufficiently to return to normal operation!



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