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Vacuum/fuel pressure guage


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Hi folks


Are these a useful bit of kit and do what it says  on the tin.


Also when using it for fuel pressure test for car with a mechanical pump, if engine was turned off. Would the the fuel pressure still be held (as a leak down test, to see if needle valves are seating).


Any help great please.


Cheers, Dave 

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Vacuum gauge can be an aid to engine setting but if you have all the basic adjustments about right

its not going to show you much, if you fit a gauge to measure whats at idle if its tells a poor condition

its back to re visit all the basics to make it right

used as a economy device can aid keeping the foot off the gas an spoils any fun


pressure gauge for fuel pump if you get a well defined spurt from the supply pipe when idling consider it



so yes they can be a asset gadget or use the fund to fill the tank and smile

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Speaking of gauges, my ammeter has died. It was a shunt ammeter and is actually a volt meter in disguise! A small high wattage resistance sits in the battery fed and the voltage across the resistance is proportional to the current going through it. The voltmeter is calibrated to read amps, the advantage is you don't need a heavy cable with all the battery amps going through an ammeter, warming up your loom and foot well. But, nobody seems to make them anymore. I have a battery condition gauge but an ammeter tells you the condition of your charging circuit.

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Me to





Those are nice, but I'd try to get them all the same i.e. matched... looks much more 'factory' if you know what I mean!

I managed to find additional Smiths ones for my GT6 - oil pressure and voltmeter - and had to paint the needles orange with Humbrol enamel... worked a treat.


Re Doug's post - VDO make / sell shunt ammeters but they're pricey - search eBay!

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