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Alternator conversion - Vitesse


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Hi all,

Seeking some sagely wisdom. I am going to convert my Vitesse mk2 to alternator. I have already sourced a Lucas ACR alt, and the bottom bracket. I've done my research, but still need help with a few specific details:


1. Top bracket: There seem to be 2 types (one has a lifting lug built in, one is just curved with a channel). Which one do I need? (Or does it not matter?).


2. Connections to back of alt: Do i need to source a specific plug block, or can I just use 35a rated spades? (Aware that i will need to fit a 2nd 35a wire to cope with the higher output).


3. Belt: What size/type do I need? (Part number would be great!).


4. My car currently (!) has a voltmeter AND ammeter. The ammeter is non-shunted, 30a +/- range. Thinking i should remove it to avoid cooking it! Is this correct?


Reasonably happy with the other aspects of the conversion, but always grateful for advice.

Thanks in advance

Froc ????

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You can buy the angled connector block but a straight lucar will be fine

the block generally has a clip to avoid detatchment, but not overly important


should have the same vee as the dynamo belt

the adjust link does not have to have the lifting eye any straight or curved link will work without too much

meccano . On my 1600 we used the orig mount , just used spacers to align the pulley if needed


you must not hard fix the tail lug tubular sliding bush , this must have free clearance for the lug to move with heat or the rear lug will soon fracture


sorry dont remember the belt length



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Use the bottom mounting bracket from - 2000/2500 Saloon, MkIV/ 1500 Spitfire, Toledo and 1300/1500 Dolomite. Use the top mounting adjusting arm/bracket from - 2000/2500 Saloon. The MkIV/ 1500 Spitfire, Toledo and 1300/1500 Dolomite top adjusting arm/bracket is not suitable. Or you can use both brackets from a Mk3 GT6 if you can find any.



Wiring -


a  Connect the existing large wire marked Brown/Yellow to the large outer or centre tag of the three connections. This wire is the main supply feed line

b  Connect the small lead marked Brown/Green to the small outer tag. This wire is normally connected to the control box to regulate the dynamo output. But after the modification it will be used feed the ignition light.


The 16ACR and 17ACR alternators contain their own internal regulator (control box) therefore the conversion will remove the need for this part of the car’s electrical circuit. In effect you will be bypassing the control box and allowing the alternator to directly feed the vehicle’s electrical equipment. This is carried out as follows:


a   Unplug all of the large leads from the control box.

b  Connect the alternator main feed lead, Brown/Yellow, to all (2) of the vehicle equipment main feed leads, which are all coloured Brown.

c   Unplug the two small leads – Brown/Green and Brown/Yellow

d   These small leads form the feed to the ignition light and should be connected together. The colours are Brown/Green from the alternator and Brown/Yellow to the ignition light.

e    Unplug the small black earth lead and insulate to prevent it shorting out other connections in the same area.


An old control box can be adapted to cross connect the wires.



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Hi all. I've completed the alt. conversion on my Vitesse, and just wanted to share a bit of learning. I used the Rimmer-supplied kit, which is billed as suitable for all sports 6 cars. All went well in the main, but I had an issue with the spacer they supplied (part no. 147472). This spacer is 1cm too short for the Vitesse (and probably the GT6 too), preventing the alt from aligning with the crank and water pump. The correct spacer is part no. 147483 (which is 1cm longer).

After discussion, Rimmers sent me the correct spacer, and all is now well.

Disappointingly, they charged me for it (!), when in fact the error was theirs. Only £3 or so, but a bit naff on their part IMHO.

Anyways, please note the need for a different spacer for the Vitesse (& likely the GT6).



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