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Rotoflex bearing spacer suppliers

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Paul, Thanks for the link, but that's the shim. What I'm looking for is any of the 5 different sizes of spacer that are used in conjunction with the 3 thou' shim to achieve the correct end float.


Mike, I've checked Mick Dolphins parts lists and he does'nt list them anymore.





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canley classics  show 148850 as recondition and in stock  (no size shown)


then if you want some made these are the range of thickness grades


146101   0.128"

152830   0.139"

      484   0.141"

      485   0.143"

      486   0.148" 

      487   0.155"


if that helps



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Thanks to everyone for the various suggestions, but Bivvyman goes to the top of the class !  There seems to be a growing demand for these, as old stock disappears. Surely someone could put them into production - after all they're not exactly complicated/costly to replicate ! 

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