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Smoking Vitesse indicator switch

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Hi folks


This is smoking in all 3 positions. Seems to be coming from the circular copper contact that are behind where the wires come into switch.


I guess it's shorting, so a replacement switch needed?.


Anyone know if re-manufactured ones cause any problems, or if to go for secondhand?.


Also is this not fused a didn't blow any.


Any advice great please


Thanks Dave 

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Narrow escape! Get rid of it! It's not fused on the GT6, I don't know about Vitesse. All the current for the headlights goes through the switch and the contacts get tarnished, then there's a voltage drop and heat! Now is a good time to think about fused relays to work the lights and the switch to work the relays with minimal current.


I don't know if Lucus are still Lucus but here's one. Is it the same as yours?



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if you look at the failed unit when they get hot  the contact rivet heads sink into the plastic mount ,, so not easily repaired 


youve done the right thing  


just keep a gap between hand wheel and cowling or you keep blowing your own horn on roundabouts    

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Ha, John


On a bit less funny note. I went out in car this eve and the new switch isn't cancelling after left turns.


I didn't check if the spring tab thingy's seemed to function before fitting.


So, anything to look for when I pull it out, or maybe a faulty switch? please.


Thanks, Dave 

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I, too have found modern replacements to be very stiff and reluctant to cancel.  I swapped the spring from my old unit onto the new one and it's better.  Still got my eye out for a second hand unit to keep as a spare.



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I replaced the indicator switch on the GT6 earlier this year. Worked absolutely fine for a month or so, then stopped cancelling in one direction on a hot day - switch moved enough to break the electrical contact, but not click 'home'. When I removed the cowling, I found the pins that hold the cancelling tangs (joined by the small spring) had worked loose from the plastic housing, so the tangs were able to move in more than one plane. Two small blobs of glue and all good again.



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