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Vitesse Vertical Link ?

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Hi Folks, I'm just overhauling my Vitesse front suspension where the vertical links appear to be just a little worn but OK with no signs of pitting or cracks near the top of the screw threads. I was as usual checking all things Vitesse on e bay and came across an advert for a Vitesse vertical link, it looked like new old stock, which it turned out to be, unused still with the manufacturer's wax on, and only £29. So I bought it for £29, which I thought was a bargain since repropost-44-0-82453600-1407960287_thumb.jpg

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It was still a bargain! Worth more than what you paid....

yes, from a car without the bolt on calliper bracket,so I think Pete has it correct, and the later 1200 heralds too (no idea on date, but I suspect about 1967 when the spit3 was introduced, and certainly from when the herald 13/60 began production)

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