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Vitesse starter sticking


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This only happens occaisionaly when starting the starter seems to try to turn the engine but then won't work at all the solenoid only clicks the battery is good as are all leads & connection including earth, also should the starter have a spacer as mine has but not sure if that is correct

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Yes the starter should have a spacer, if not it will remain engaged.

Check all wiring connections at the solenoid especially earth.

If all is secure, it may be a sign that the solenoid is on the way out. They cannot be overhauled, replacement only option.

Good luck.

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To elliminate the solenoid get an od screwdriver and bridge the two terminals,  watch out it will raise a good spark but if the motor

Runs change the sol.

Do check all engine and battery body earths are clean,  if trying to crank the  choke and speedo cables appear warm you have a poor engine earth somewhere.

Of all this fails then its looking at a starter replacement, new brushes etc.

If you take the starter off for a clean up of the bendix wash in petrol and apply some dry graphite dust from a pencill lead

If you test the motor with battery on a bench clamp it securely it will try to escape if it fires .



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