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Front Number Plate positioning - Vitesse

Paul H

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Hi the library pic shows positioning of front number plates under the hole cutout in the front valance - The advantage being gained is extra rad ventilation , disadavantage being possible stones damaging the radiator .

The current number plate positioning on my Vitesse is half way up the hole cute out .

Which positioning is best ?



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With the introduction of the Vitesse in 1962 the original Herald front valance was modified to incorporate a trough and a central opening. This was done to accommodate the Vitesse radiator and to provide it with extra ventilation. Therefore this opening should not be obstructed.



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7 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

the best obstructed seems to be spit IV /1500  they get top marks for blanking the intake , there is the spoiler wing but !!!!  well designed ?????

just a online  pic.



When I first got my GT6 the number plate was similarly located. Made a huge difference moving it downwards - when it was immediately below the bumper the temps used to creep up when driving on faster roads and were generally higher.


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My GT6 has the front plate where it should be, so only really gets hot in traffic, but that location does make the plate vulnerable to grass verges when three-point-turning after getting the navigation wrong on a 12-car. I'll try to avoid that tomorrow...

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