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Red thingy on distributor


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It isn't originally from the distributor. Can't quite see if you have the cable drive for the tacho. There should be a metal cap in place....but if lost the tacho drive gear can fall out(I think)and the plastic cap could have been wedged in there to stop dirt entering.

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Is the cable drive mechanism still in place? A disc of anything can be stuck in place. Try a coin or possibly a core plug. 

You won't find the cap listed as a separate part from a triumph specialist, you need somebody who repairs distributors.

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Don't run the engine without something to hold the tacho drive in place or it will fall out (ask me how I know!) If you give Powerspark ignition a call (01527 889 453) and speak to them nicely they may sell you the part you need.


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11 hours ago, Anglefire said:

Actually, I think it is the top of gear box oil or similar..........

I think I Agree. I suspect it is not "original". Likely that previous owner had fitted a Dizzy with the Tach drive to the vehicle instead of original?. (without?)


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Ha.  That's exactly what it looks like. And I was going to suggest a competition for the first person to guess what it is with photo evidence wins the  dirty red cap from my dizzy

3 hours ago, PeteH said:


Yes I agree, the orientation of the Starter Motor Below it, would suggest that the Drive is facing forward. Supports the theory that the Dizzy was not OEM?.

My dizzy is as the attached pic where the cap is number 16 and I can see 17 with the cap removed. There is a cable coming out the opposite side of that assembly and disappears into the firewall. Should this not be the case?


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Is the cable of sufficient length to be connected?  

I can only compare to my 6 pot but it sounds as if it's the rev counter cable. There's two options, either your rev counter doesn't work or it's been converted to an  electronic version 


Sorry just 're read the thread I guess that's the far side of where the cable connects. I would find some metal of the right size and fix it in with loctite




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The part I think your missing , correct me if I'm wrong, looks like a shallow core plug. It's 1 1/4" in diameter by 1/8" deep looks as if the body has been peened over slightly in six positions to hold it in.

I think H&H Ignition Solutions service Delco Remy distributors, they may be able to supply the missing plug.

Failing that, maybe a standard core plug could be adapted; this one is a bit deep :-


but could perhaps be cut down? The brass version would be easier to work and could be sealed in with Loctite 243.

Just a thought...




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