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Unreliable clutch problems please help!

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The clutch on my mkIV spit works perfectly most of the time but every so often I depress the pedal and it has very little resistance and I’m unable to take the car out of gear. I have to release the clutch and depress it again, this almost always fixes the problem straight away. I can’t find anything on all the forums which explains this problem. There is very little wear on the pivot under the rubber cover and I don’t know what else to check before I start pulling it all apart. 


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I used to have similar symptoms, including the intermittent thing, on the PI and it was down to the clutch pedal return spring having fallen off. I think what happens is that the fluid leaks back into the reservoir as the clutch is being released, but because it doesn't release fully the fluid can't re-fill the master cylinder.

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Increasing problem with the repros is that they are not Girling copies internally so seal kits don't fit, making them a throwaway item.  Just had this problem with clutch m/c on my Vitesse.  Don't remember where I bought the cylinder though.


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Hi. I replaced clutch M/C on Vitesse after new seals repeatedly failing (the small one at the back) and complete loss of clutch.

I bought a landy one for £10, delivered off Ebay which other Vit owners have used. This is a different size to original and gives for a bit for foot pressure needed, though has given me much better travel. the clutch now starts to engage about 1/3 travel, where as before it was just off the floor and used to grind at times getting reverse (worn clevis pins pins etc maybe).

It looks the part, though angled different than original ones and has a plastic screw cover. Has been on for 3 years with no trouble.

Having banged on about this, I don't know if suitable for Herald. Let me know if you want more ebay info for it.


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They are generally fine , certainly less cost ,

if the diameter doesnt affecf the ratio amd feel which will be heavier pedals as think these are 0.75" cia. Vs the std 0.7"

If used on brakes you need to compare with whats fitted , if youre on type 12 or 14 then its a 0.625"  5/8" cyl you dont want to go to a 0.75"

Later with type 16s the increased  capacity needed a 0.7" cyl  and much closer to the LR 0.75 unit

Note if your car age had a clear plastic reservoir you really mjst keep this the same , revert to a metal and MOT (if needed) cN get you a fail

 Visual fluid levels became specified in the 70s



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