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Hi All

With great regret and with a tear, i am thinking about selling my 1970 Triumph GT6 Project

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control i don't think i will be able to finish the car.

I am wondering what peoples thoughts are.

Whats it worth?

Where to try and sell it?

2016-02-07 16.26.39.jpg

2016-02-14 11.16.01.jpg

2016-02-14 11.16.10.jpg

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free  classified to members in the club courier and online adverts  must be a good starting point 

sorry its not going to get to your goal ,  these things happen , good luck 

its better than a project   have a look at insurance  values on the  club downloads and aim around 2/3rds   certainly  worth more than you probably realise 

theres a lot of A1    A1+ showing on that car  never mind the bonnet 


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without knowing just what gt6 model or age you need to go to the club main home page , scroll down to find insurance valuations 

and if you look at the valuation form which explains the A1  A2 caregories to give a rough idea of where the car sits in rebuild insurance values 

knock of a 1/3 and aim at that as i said apart from the bonnet and some fitting this has a lot going for it 

and can range from a A1 at around sub £12k  to a project £ 3k   which its not  

if your a member ask Bern for advice on the best approach 

im not in a position to guess from a couple of pictures 


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Re value, cars usually sell around 2/3 insurance valuation.

Then work out how much it would cost to get it there. Remember to add real money for labour. Could easily be 3k or substantially more....at least 1k for paint. And of course, an allowance needs to be made for unexpected jobs. And then the owner will expect an uplift in value for getting the car finished.

Worth asking, when was the car last used on the road? Is will it need recommissioning with all hydraulic seals/hoses etc etc, and do the mechanicals need work. If buying most will assume the will need work unless you can prove otherwise.

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I had a look on that list to see what my spit6 might be worth. I see there's a GT6 convertable listed, RT and ST (whatever those are). What car is that?

And would a spit 1500 (6'ed with a 2500 from a TR5 ) carry a premium or reduce the value? 

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