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Windscreen wiper blades, Vitesse

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I bought a set of rubbers off fleabay and just swopped them for the old ones. Easy enough to buy some oversize ones and cut to length. Probably work just as well as the old ones did. I don't think the wipers were up to much when the car first came off the assembly line.

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having tried many blades and inserts with the onward crap results we get from so many i used thes guys  for the 2000 blades  they do 12" for the small chassis

range  to fit a 7mm arm ,  have not looked at what arms they sell but these blades work well on the curved screen and squeegee nicely


i have used https://www.vintagecarparts.co.uk/search?query=wiper+arms    to select adjustable length 12mm spline drive  bayonet fitting arms

then you can extendable the arms to get better height in the wipe or even fit longer blades 

i have searched and enquired about aero type blades but getting them to fit is not easily done ; there is no hook arm to take our 12mm spline drive 

and the supposed fitting kits are generally for a 10mm arm with a giant adaptor like a sparrow whizzing across the screen .



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I've bought a couple of sets of Trico NOS curved screen blades and NOS Trico refill blades off eBay. They work well. Certainly better than the rubbish Tex ones that are on the car at the moment as a temporary fit whilst I hold off baking the refill blades in this weather!


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