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Bonnet Struts

Black Cat

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I think that you will find it's not just the strength of the lift, but also the length of the struts. There is also the danger of the mounting points being ripped to pieces, never mind being catapulted over a hedge. Better to stick with the ones from the club shop. I believe they fit quite well.

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Now have my gas struts fitted to my 1500 Spitfire. Had to do a small amount of modifications to get them to fit.

The bracket which holds the front valance, which is fitted under the stainless steel bracket in the first photo has a raised V section in the centre on one side. I had to grind this off to enable the new stainless steel bracket to sit tight  to the side and and bottom and be able to locate the existing bolt holes. Thinking about it after the event, could have left that off and just used the stainless steel bracket. Sod it.

The struts are from a Rover 200 and are about 670mm long, which is just right. They come with the end swivel section already fitted but had to cut a few milometer off the thread to enable it to fit between the 'U' bracket.

Bolted the other plate on the bonnet and used ratchet straps to pull it down a few milometers to get it to line up with the brackets nut.

All in all a good job done. Access under the bonnet is now a lot better.

For those of you who have read my earlier post. The struts which I first brought were 800N. Sent these back and changed them for the Rover ones and all works fine.





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