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Tune Stromberg 150


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Just replaced the diaphragms, both had holes, in the carbs on my 2L Mk1 Vitesse and decided to tune carbs from scratch. Took jet down by three turns after it started to move the piston up but have had to turn it down by between two and three more turns which seems a bit much.

Is this a sign of worn carbs or about par for the course.

Many thanks


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yes left is a tad rich

rule for lifting pins is ...be gentle its a touchy feely thing

lift pin to just feel it contact the air piston

now lift it a few mm , dont yank it up

you are looking to hear a small hint of change in the idle rpm

up 50rpm its rich

no change    about right

a 50rpm drop  its weak 

doing this with the filter off is a waste of time,  must be in your running state , as on refitting you change the airflow/vacuum   dramatically



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