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Spitfire 1500 - Christmas Plans

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Hopefully the right place for this one!

With the approaching Christmas holidays - I've been planning some work on my Spitfire 1500.

  1. Replacing front and rear shocks, and front springs - have already bought all that is required to do the job - I hope!
  2. Change the studs for the new wheels I've just bought.
  3. Get the bonnet to fit better - its too low on the one side so rattles on the bumper - just needs adjusting.
  4. And the headlamps need to be made to fit better - they are a little looser than I'd like. And I need to fit the oil pressure gauge properly
  5. And drive it!
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  • 4 weeks later...

Did the front springs this morning. Was quite easy really. Just quite tight to get them in. But a bit of wiggling and dropping the anti-roll bar off helped.

Had hoped to do the rear shocks too. But felt a bit dizzy - I’ve had it before and think it’s just too much standing up and getting down affecting my inner ears - so didn’t bother. Another day for that one. 

I also know I’m going to have to cut off the upper bolts to get them out. 

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Managed to spend a couple of hours on the spitfire this afternoon. 

Managed to get one rear shock replaced. Had to cut the top bolt off as expected- but the bottom one just came undone. 😃

But refitting the top bolt was a pig. Just couldn’t get it to line up and go in. It had gone dark and I gave it one last go and it went in 😁😁 

bottom one wasn’t quite so hard, but a little tap with a hammer on a socket compressed the rubber mounts just enough to allow the bolt to start. 

So got it all back together and back in the garage. Hopefully I can get some time on the other side tomorrow. 

And didn’t get dizzy this time either. 👍

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A/F. What brand of shocks are you putting on the rear? Still not been able to source any KYBs anywhere, so may have to get something else. Spax, Gaz etc are to flash for what I need, but want something a little better than the 20 quid black unbranded types. Monroe have had very mixed comments on the forum, so not sure what to get.

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16 minutes ago, Badwolf said:

the 20 quid black unbranded types

Oh and I have a pair of them if you want them - not sure where you are - or even if the postage would make it worth while sending - but if you are anywhere near Stevenage/Ware next week or Swindon/St Albans in the next few, I can drop them off!


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A/F. Thanks for the kind offer, but I'll hang on for the KYBs for a little longer. Failing that might go for something more expensive. However as Doug (sage that he is and appears to know his onions!!!) says, you spend alot of time fidling with adjustables to get them nearly but not quite right. I just want to fit a decent set and leave them. No track stuff, just the country lanes, sun out, birds singing.... a long way from this miserable weather.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Finally got the car out of the garage a little way (so I could put my camping fridge away after Christmas and it being borrowed by my sister whilst she had her kitchen done) 

and took a picky of the car with the new wheels on. Front does look a little high still - though I’ve not been out since putting the wheels on and so hasn’t settled again. 


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Standard front springs - bought from Bastuck in Germany with Koni Red shocks. Shocks are set as standard. I.e. I've not adjusted them!

When I say settled - all I mean is climb down from being jacked up. Though it has moved forward and back from about where is is now. Not been driven at all since changing the wheels. 

When I get it out onto the road I will have another look and see what it looks like then.

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