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13/60, Vitesse bonnet


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Thanks, folks.  It's for sale locally for around a tenner and wings have been cut off below swage line.  Photos, show the side trim removed and some surface rust along those areas. I guess rot is likely, though hidden in the seams?. Also no photo of inside seams.

Mine is in good nick and I was only thinking of getting it as a spare, in case of accident damage (girlfriend thinks I'm mad (and is probably right) , especially as would be storing it under the bed).

Think, probably, best to leave it.


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Probably best. If it were for sale locally to me for a tenner I might be very tempted but  (1) I'd be storing it in the roof of the garage and (2) I'd be using it to build a new bonnet to swap onto Tessa so that she doesn't have to be off the road for ages to fix the flappy wings where the wheel arches have rusted away completely.

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