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Rocker Cover Colour

Black Cat

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I have a 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 and would like to repaint the rocker cover in the original colour. The colour it is a the moment is a reddish orange, which I believe was the correct colour. If that is the correct colour could somebody tell me what the colour code is and where can you get a heat resistant spray paint to paint the rocker cover.

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14 hours ago, Black Cat said:

I did see they had rocker paint in gold but was the colour not the reddish orange for a 1977 Spitfire?

This is one I did with the club shop aerosol, I would agree that its nowhere near as orange as the original... 


I'm not sure what's original for your car, e.g. for the 13/60 Herald launched in 1968 I believe all but the very early ones had silver rocker covers. Certainly every late rocker cover I've ever seen (with the breather outlet) has been silver.

I do like the gold... I recall reading somewhere the original colour is related to Ferguson tractors. Perhaps this is the shade: http://vintagetractorengineer.com/2009/01/ferguson-fe35-golden-grey/?

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That's the correct shade for the tractor; at local shows here tractors usually outnumber cars by about four to one so I see plenty of them. 

The Herald rocker cover is still more of an orange / bronze , though:



That gold looks like MG Sandglow, or close to it.



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10 hours ago, Dick Twitchen said:

Well the Massey Ferguson factory was only over the road from the Standard in Banner Lane!

It was the Standard factory. I worked there. Most of the office furniture was still marked Standard Motor Company.

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Yes, the same basic engine was used from Standard Vanguard and experimental TRx through to TR4


but for technical differences, see:


Standard 8s, 10s and some early Heralds had the whole engine painted in tractor gold.  NOT to be confused with BMC 'Gold Seal' engines which were factory reconditioned engines.



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