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Tyres for GT6 Mk2 (Mk3 Spit 6) with 5.5 x 13" rims

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I need to replace the tyres on my Spit 6 which are hardly worn but 20 years old (Eagle NCT 2 on 5.5 x 13" chrome 8 spoke rims).. Advice and recommendations for 175/70 tyres and where to get best price greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, Richard.

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Choose one of the "premium" brands and all should be well. Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and so on.

HOWEVER if you want H (over 113mph ) rated tyres they are almost impossible to find.

Recommendations may change if you intend to use the car all weathers, some tyres perform very well in the wet. (Falken sn832 and Uniroyal)

Michelin own Blackcircles, so tend to be very competitive with Michelins, and are not a bad place to try for other brands. 

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Hello Richard,

I have 165/70/13 Dunlop Street Response 2 tyres on my Vitesse, I rate them very highly and have proved to be excellent regarding road holding in dry / wet conditions. These tyres are also available in your quoted size.

Just looked at the BC website and I note the company are offering 10% discount on Michelin tyres - that said, I could not see a listing for your tyre size in Michelin unless I have missed something.

Also worth looking at Kwik-Fit and National Tyres.

Clive knows his tyres, so a good steer (excuse the pun) from him regarding options.



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I have Falken SN 832 on my Vitesse in 175/70 13 (on 6" rims) and their wet weather performance is just superb (as tested on two very wet track days!).  Soft compound and squashy tread means they are not quite so great in the dry when right on the limit, but you probably shouldn't be trying that hard on the road anyway!


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Indeed, I was so impressed with Nicks tyres that I bought them for one of our everyday cars, they are VERY good in the wet, and in general use (honest guv) they perform well enough.

Unlike the HiFlys that were fitted when we got the car, they were lethal. My experience with other "value" tyres has not been good either.

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I put 4 new 175/70 R13 Toyo tyres on my GT6 about a month ago - seem to grip the road nicely and are quieter than the Avon front, Hankook rear combination I was running. Much lighter steering too! Bought via Blackcircles. Was going to go for the Falken option (often run my moderns on Falkens), but couldn't justify the extra £12-£14 per corner for the 3000, mainly dry miles I do each year.


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