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GT Ashtray & demist caps


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Quick question please!  I notice that the ashtray for the GT6 Mk2 is sold with crinkly paint.  You can't buy the dash caps for the windscreen demister vent anymore but wondering what finish they had?  Black silk?  Shiney or crinkly like the ash tray.  Were all ashtrays crinkly?  I can't see mine at the moment but I don't recall that.

Many thanks for any assistance.

My car is really moving on now. Just covered the dash pad in Leather.  Looks ace!



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Ash tray is crinkly black but the vents are non-reflective satin. You can buy the ashtrays new, they were a generic pattern and used on more than one car) but they're nowadays finished in gloss.

I suppose the vents were too obtrusive in gloss if they reflected in the screen as you drove? (Drove the daughter's Peugeot 107 home from purchase five or six years ago and the silver grey dashboard blotted out the screen in any kind of sunlight, so it's still a problem in some cars.)

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Yep that's very crinkly, far crinklier than I remember it. But enough looking in the mirror... I had to dash out and have a look at my ashtray, but then remembered I replaced mine a few years back and it's now smooth gloss, of all things.

But, then I found a photo of an original one in the box, and it's smooth black too, so maybe the crinkly finish is being mis-remembered as from a later or different model? Those modern remanufactured versions are so crinkly it looks like carpet, and I don't remember having one like that in any of the cars.



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That's nuthin', the Ferrari one was $500 and the Lamborghini one $300. However: I swear that almost every show I went to in the last few years had stocks of these, obviously remade and selling for about a fiver, but of course now that I'm trying to search for them online... nothing.

MG use a silver version that's still available; you could easily paint the lid in black gloss. FKH100160PMA is the part number I've been able to find so far.

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