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13/60 gearbox extension bobbin mounts

Dave pb

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yes they just screw into the tail housing  you will need to lift the box a little and may need some wide grips to unscrew them 

i would hope the box will lift enough without having to disconnect the propshaft ??

you do need to remove the Tunnel its not accessible from  the underside


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If you can, grip them by the metal rim closest to the body, otherwise this will happen:


The rubber will just twist off the metal, which may be seized into the gearbox body, and today's rubber being of terrible standard it will give long before the bobbin starts to rotate.


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Hi Pete and Steve

Yep I have the tunnel out as I am replacing it,  and noticed the bobbins are basically fading away - seem to be dissolving in the oil they are coated with (and they are only about 17 years old!).  I found some new ones on my shelf of bits.  I wanted to lift the box a bit, so that the bobbins would clear the bracket, but wasn't sure if it would move enough, and without disconnecting the prop shaft.   Give it a try I guess.

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In the end I disconnected the prop shaft, disconnected the exhaust from the gearbox bracket, and put a thick wood plank under the gearbox. Got the wife to push down on it. Voila! Bobbins in under a minute.   Thanks for your all your help.    I did find that the prop shaft bolts and nuts were actually quite loose, either they worked themselves loose over the last 15 years, or I didn't do them up tightly in the first place. Bit worrying.   I fitted a new gearbox tunnel - a plastic one - which was a great fit on the passenger side but not so good on the driver bulkhead. Anyway with a bit of fettling its in - I lined it with some sound-deadening  material - rubbery mastic on one side and shiny on the other. Supposed to give sound and heat insulation. I've used it before and it works well.  Carpets back in, and all looking very smart.  

I do have a long-standing fuel vaporisation problem. I'll post  a follow-up question in the appropriate place.




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