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Radiator fan for Vitesse Mk1 2 litre


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The later fan requires the smaller spacer fitted to the crank pulley, top picture. You can fit the later fan but you may have clearance problems with the rad.

In the bottom picture the left hand is the Mk1 spacer and the right the Mk2.



100_0888 - Copy.JPG

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Thanks for that, unless there is one on ebay ( I will have to be careful to get the right one),  does this mean that I have to go down the electric fan route.

Unless there is another solution.

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I would measure the distance you have from existing boss to rad and see if someone on here can measure up a mk2 fan for you. Id be surprised if there isn't enough room (don't forget though that the engine can move forward slightly under heavy braking)...

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The part 211986 appears to be not in stock anywhere. There seems to be mixed advice (such as Cranley Classics), who say try the later MK2,  & play about with different spacers. 

Unless I can find a 211986 tucked away any where.

I'm building my car from a basket case, with some missing parts. Still trying to keep to original spec where possible. 

Thanks for all the info has been very useful.

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I don't know what the original fan looks like., or a picture of part 211986.

Those for sale on ebay are  usually 4 blade fans. The fan needs to have hole on the centre to allow clearance fro the crank pully. 

It these are the correct fans are they for sale?

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12 hours ago, MikeSz said:

If these are the correct fans are they for sale?

The one on the left is definitely Triumph; I suspect the other is from a tractor of the same period as the mounting holes are different, but it could probably be modified to fit.

You can have the one on the left for the price of postage?

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On 06/05/2020 at 08:18, Pete Lewis said:

a plastic fan is so much quieter than the old metal fan ,  the yellow i fitted to the Vit6   1600 was a straight swap 


And it doesn't hurt as much when you brush a finger or back of hand against it. DAMHIK

I have a Mk2 fan fitted on the front of my 1600.
To give a bit of clearance to the radiator I removed 10mm off the mounting boss, I also made a pair of 4 degree tapered spacers to tilt the radiator back so it is parallel with the fan.

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