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Bodywork protection and sound deadening

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I'm about to work on the body work, fitting inner and outer rear wing; floor needs a couple of small holes and an outer door skin.

Couple of question it looks like my floor has had an anti rust treatment in the footwells like a black rubbery type of paint anyone know what it is and should I use it for the whole inner floor as it will be carpeted.

Has anyone fitted sound deadening between the inner and outer wings and doors, what can people recommend.

What should I use under the carpets for insulation and sound deadening?

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14 minutes ago, Badwolf said:

I have used 'Silentcoat' on mine. Many have used other products with success. Got my S/C off fleabay. Not cheap but works well for me. Used under carpets, on fuel tank and in the boot of my Spitfire,

What thickness and what amount for a spitfire?

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Got it from here


I'm sure it was more expensive than that at the time. I think that Doug has used it too. Invest in one of those cheap plastic wallpaper overlap rollers and do it on a warm day. Not sure if I got one 10 pack or two. I will try and check. I have also seen it used under the bonnet (my plan in due course) and on the inside of the plastic/grp gearbox tunnel cover. Hope this helps.

This is better under the seats than the insulation matting which I found pushed the carpet into the seat basket and stopped the seat from running back and forward

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