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How much is my Spitfire 1500 worth?

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Hi guys, 
I'm thinking of selling my 1977 Spitfire 1500 but I don't really know how much its worth. I bought it last year as a project for £3800 and now it has an mot and rebuilt engine, mostly new interior. The paintwork isn't great and it has the GT6 bonnet. I don't know why but I'm only 18 and that's what came with it when I bought it before I knew more about the cars. The rear diff has an oil leak although I can fix it and the seals are relatively cheap. The overdrive works and the gearbox and clutch are good apart from a slight rattle in first. The tyres all have plenty of tread on them and I have a hard top and a soft top. Although you cant see out of the back windows on the soft top and the hardtop really wants some TLC - it's the wrong shade of red and theres patches of rust at the bottoms and a tear in the head lining. The rear carburettor wobbles although doesnt leak. The headlights have been changed to h4's. The best thing about it is there is no rust and no underseal as the bloke I bought it from changed the majority of the panels. I have all the receipts for what the previous owner did to the car and it was something around £6000 in total.



If any of you have an idea how much it's worth or you need more pictures or descriptions I look forward to your replies.

Thanks in advance,

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If selling the car take them off. Just about every potential buyer will assume that they are hiding rust. Certainly keep them so they can go with the car, but I would want to inspect the sills.

Is the bonnet steel or fibreglass? that will affect value.

But if all steel, no rust and slightly iffy paint, I reckon 4K but that is without seeing it in the flesh

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2 hours ago, clive said:

That takes a significant chunk off the value, so subtract £500, possibly more.

On the other hand it's a rust-free bonnet and a huge weight saving, so could actually add value... :)

It's all in the way in which you phrase the advert.

Luke - have a look at adverts on the TSSC website, and on eBay or Gumtree - that gives you some idea of what prices are like at present. Compare yours as like-for-like as you can and it will illustrate the current going price. There's no such thing as a set price, it all depends on the market and the expertise of the buyer, and how badly they want one, or how badly the seller needs to sell. Eventually you have to bite the bullet and set a price, and see who enquires.


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